In the following statements, "we", "our" and "the company" shall be used in reference to, and "you" and your shall be used in reference to the customer who is disputing the charge.

Officially, the company has sole discretion on whether to disburse a refund. Any transaction concerns should be raised to the billing department via email at within 3(three) business days of the original charge.

With that being written, we are fair enough to know that mistakes happen and encourage you to engage in honest and rational discussion, in a timely manner, about the subject of the disputed charge. We may, upon noticing a potential error, bring the matter to your attention first.

The fact that is a new company and due to the nature of some of our services, the idea of refunds can quickly become complex issues. We do not yet have the feedback necessary for a full set of refund guidelines. So, in the spirit of good will and in the interest of mutual benefit, we neither wish to eliminate any possibilities nor do we wish to make any promises, in regards to transaction reversals, partial, exchanges, or otherwise. However, we are listening intently, knowing that without customers, or revenue, we wouldn't exist

As circumstances arise, we shall review, evaluate and adjust these policies accordingly. Adjustments will not be announced. Be aware that this notice will be posted on our home page, conspicuously, at all times and accessible to the public.